Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WSO2 Server Startup Taking a lot of time on Mac ??? Solved...

With MacOS Sierra, I was experiencing a huge delay in server start ups for WSO2 latest versions. They were like follows.

ServerVersionJava VersionStartup Time
WSO2 ESB4. Seconds
WSO2 ESB5. Seconds
WSO2 ESB5. Seconds
API Manager1. seconds
API Manager2. seconds
API Manager2. seconds

My Processing power was as bellow.

I was in really doubt, Why it took so much of time to start the server.  When researching on that i could locate following discussion [1]. It was really interesting , you can go through it and understand it.

The solution i did as int he above blog post, i added a mapping to the canonical address of my macbook hostname to my /etc/hosts file as bellow.

Once i done that, My ESB 5.0.0 server startup was 13 seconds..  So it reduced from 90 --> 13 seconds... Amazing haa... :D

[1] https://thoeni.io/post/macos-sierra-java/

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